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11 April, 2017
The secret destination
that is Serbia

Nestled and land-locked between Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria, it’s as though these surrounding countries have outshone the jewels of this land, keeping Serbia hidden from the rest of the world.
As travelling filmmakers we’re always on the lookout for undiscovered destinations and travel stories which are becoming increasingly rare and difficult to find, so our recent trip to Serbia sparked great excitement as it was just the type of place we had been looking for – Truly unique, authentic and incredibly beautiful!
We know it’s not the top destination on your list, but we’re going to paint you a picture of what we discovered, through our videography, photography and words, that will undoubtedly change your mind and rearrange that list of yours.

If you’re wondering if Serbia is for you, here’s the type of person who would absolutely love it:

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If for no other reason, come to Serbia for its wild and untouched nature. The landscapes look like watercolour paintings, with pastel shades and hues touching everything the eye can see, from the ground beneath your feet to the very tops of the sky. You can’t help but be immersed in the mystical beauty of it all.
Mountains shape over three quarters of the landscape, creating colossal canyons, meandering rivers and waterfalls. All seasons are exquisite, each offering their own magical twists and the best part of all is that you’ll have it all to yourself – no tourists, no guides and no designated paths…just absolute wilderness, silence and tranquillity, broken only by the sound of lapping water and singing birds.


Serbia is the best kept foodie secret, where cultures collide! Eating in Serbia is equivalent to a culinary feast in Turkey, Hungary and the Mediterranean all wrapped into one. With every dish being hearty, creamy and fatty, you’ll not only have a piece of Serbia close to your heart by the end of it, but a great portion on your hips too. But the good news is that it’s 110% worth it and we can guarantee that your taste-buds will love it so much, that they’ll long for these unique flavours for years to come.
Serbian coffee (served with Coca-Cola), whole Paprika Peppers, Kajmak – mildly fermented skimmed heavy cream, Jogurt – thick savoury drinking yoghurt, Roštilj- grilled and cured meats, are just some of the delicious customary standards that come with almost every meal, available in both top restaurants and sidewalk cafes.
And our favourite, Rakija, is the national drink. This interesting concoction, commonly made from plums or grapes, resembles a type of brandy that should be handled with care. The name means “sweat” in Arabic, which is just what you’ll do if more than one shot crosses your lips!


Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, which boasts some of Europe’s most exuberant nightlife, reflects its golden city lights into the Danube river which hugs its shores – This city has an energy and vibrancy that’s contagious and addictive! During the day we would explore its Bohemian neighbourhoods, covered in colourful wild flowers and dotted with street cafes and at night, every night, we would party! Many say Belgrade is the next Ibiza, with super clubs called “splavs”, on barges that float alongside the river’s edge, filled with gorgeous, young people having the time of their lives on hot summer nights!


Belgrade’s beauty stems from it’s astounding architecture and gritty look and feel, adding a very special charm to the city, as it displays evidence of its rich history from generations before us. Pristine museums, castles and churches are any historians dream, telling tales of many wars and cultural shifts. But if you’re not a fan of buildings, every Serbian is like a little history book. They are so passionate about their country that if you show interest and give them half the chance, they’ll tell you all about their country’s entire story, inviting you into their world for an insiders’ look at their cultures and traditions.

Serbia’s turbulent past has caused the tourism industry to bypass it, indirectly creating a country so raw and authentic that it inspired us beyond words, leaving us feeling in awe of all we had encountered during our time here. But unfortunately, like all things in life, this will not last forever and we urge you to see it with your own eyes, before the tour groups get their hands on it. So do yourself a favour and go somewhere unexpected on your next trip, like Serbia – You’ll be surprised by what you find!

Written by Roxanne Boyes