After spending all my life in sunny South Africa, I longed to see the world as it was shown to me through the pages of countless National Geographic magazines and documentaries.
So I set off on an incredible journey to experience all the extreme climates left on planet earth. It exceeded every expectation I ever had and confirmed my love for travel, adventure and new experiences! This quest took me from Africa to Asia and South America.
Upon my return, I started working with Storytravelers – The people and projects within this collective never fail to challenge and inspire, getting me excited for the next adventure.

Roxy’s strengths
Roxy is an adventurer who is able to connect with local people and engage with their stories. She cleverly converges her experiences and thoughts into written stories and displays this magic on the Storytravelers website and Facebook page.
Skill set:
Writing, Social Media, Travel Expert and Dancing on Tropical Beaches.
Current front door:
Cape Town, South Africa
Happy with:
A good conversation and pudding.
Find her online:

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