Imagine the house of your dreams.

Made from sustainably harvested wood with smart technology.

A brand new initiative we loved helping getting the story out.

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logo Nido
Nido is a brand new startup that helps realise people’s dream house made of wood.
This so called revolutionary Cross Laminated Timber technology is an ever more popular way of building with compressed wood as the primary material.
Homes built with CLT are affordable, lightweight but strong and durable moreover and much more healthier and pleasant to live in. Also the building process is very lean and mean, has a strongly reduced environmental impact opposed to conventional construction.
Why do we even still construct concrete houses?
About the project

Nick Dessens of Nido asked us to build their brand identity, website, name, logo, produce visuals and films to bring their key message out into the world and give what they stand for. We formed a team of the right creatives to build the identity; the one of a partner that both helps building people’s wooden dream house and is expert in the latest construction technology.

So we came up with “NIDO” meaning “nest” in Italian. Because our home is our safe nest in which we grow. Infused with earthy colours and a visual approach Nido feels already more personal than most construction brands, that often look technically ok, but remain cold and a bit boring.

Have a peek at their brand new website we just created for them.


Ideation & Project Lead
Caspar Daniël Diederik

Visuals Photo & Video
Caspar Daniël Diederik

Brand Identity, logo and website design
Perko Design – Tina Perko

Web Site development
Buro Tijs – Marc Bakker

Views and counting on
Vimeo / Youtube
Some Facts!
18hours of
quality time