The Ferrara province is a beautiful province with in it’s heart it’s equally

named capital with a listing as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

We’ve been returning here often

to capture it’s beauty feel and taste. SO we have 3 videos for you that will satisfy

the food lover, the beach addict and the free sirits that love cycling.
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Ferrara Foodie
And then there was food! – Ferrara is said to be the ‘Kitchen of Italy’,

and we couldn’t agree more! We’ explore mouthwatering dishes that cover

all corners of the spectrum of flavors. I can assure you that your taste

buds are going to like it.
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Ferrara Summer of Joy
A journey of joy through the eyes of a boy. A loving young family

that ventures trough the scapes of beautiful stretches of coast at the mouth

of the Po river, where they discover “mini Venice” and other fisherman’s towns,

delicious seafood, wide beaches and a secret island to play.
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Feel Free
This is a metaphoric story about being free. Being free to live your dreams,

free to do what you love to do and the freedom of mind. This story is told through

the emotions and experiences that we explored on our journey through the and Province

of Ferrara.

It breathes a majestic ambience from its Renaissance roots with

impressive buildings, castles, cathedrals and wide open squares, surrounded by arced

walkways and city walls. Get on a bike and go feel free in Ferrara.
About the project

The official tourism entity, Ferrara Terra Acqua asked us to showcase the feeling of their beautiful Italian city. So off we went and fell subsequently in love.


All films Edited and Filmed
Caspar Diederik
Involved Protagonists:
Enza di Lecce in “Ferrara Foodie”,

Jeroen van de Zwetselaar,
Saam van de Zwetselaar

and Laura Peters in “Joy of Summer”,

Marianna Casarola in “Feel Free”

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Some Facts!
240hours of
quality time