Meet Ayuna, the soul of harmony and joy,

THE first festimony aka ceremonial event of its kind happening in the Netherlands.

Music, dance, deepening workshops, ceremonial sessions, native wisdom keepers and more.

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555 connected souls celebrating life a pop up nature village


About the project

The Ayuna festimony is the result of the gathering of a small group of dreamers that grew to a community. From a dream drawing session in the livingroom it developed to planning and organising a unique event. A co-created pop up village boasting a healing vibe of full respect, trust and openness. A place to fuel up life energy and meet likeminded souls.
We’ve been involved in the development of the visual identity and created a series of promotional videos and the after movie.

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Before the grand happening, there was a pre festival on an island. And we were just warming up!


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Ayuna festimony: The Aftermovie



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