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Caspar Daniël Diederik


Thanks for coming to my page. Already at the age of six I took my dad’s camera out to capture the adventures of me and friends. However, just only a decade ago I turned this early passion into a way of living.
I promptly left my hometown Amsterdam for Italy with an old dusty camcorder, a daypack and embarked on a journey. Eventually this trip would lead into exploring all corners the globe. Fascinated by capturing people and destinations in their true, natural and authentic form, I continued gaining experience and skills in expressing myself through the art of photography and film. It was not long before this venture sparked the creation of STORYTRAVELERS.
Lucky to connect and learn from likeminded filmmakers, I focussed on creating a shared playfield. STORYTRAVELERS became an expert partner for destinations and experience based brands destinations all over the globe, telling places in an unconventional way. I directed numerous visual content campaigns and later a globally broadcasted travel show on Aljazeera. I’ve been invited to TED twice to inspire others about my life journey and I’d love to continue to do so for positive change in the world.

Caspar’s Strengths:
Caspar intuitively feels what’s the essence of a story and creates a film that will pull on your heartstrings, captivating your mind and emotions. Much like a composer, his work is a delicate blend of refined techniques and creativity. He developed as a director with creative overview to also a skilled organizer bringing the right teams together. His work has been featured all over the web and got praised by many viewers. And Nat Geo awarded him for his photography work.
Skill Set:
Director, Creative overview, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor.
Current Front Door:
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Happy with:
Chocolate, Red wine and petting cats
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