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17 October, 2020

Current debate is hot on how to weapon ourselves against the Corona virus. One thing is sure, apart from making sure not getting infected at all of course;
The best defence is to be resilient by staying active. Nothing new, but sometimes we just need to get reminded of the glorious feeling of being in shape and reduce the risk of becoming ill.

Just something as easy as going for a daily walk makes a difference. A consistent habit of moderate work out will already increase the strength of your immune system and lower levels of stress and anxiety.

We made a short video just to help and remind people to commit to getting off the couch and getting to it.

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17 October, 2020
5 Tips to get to it
#1 – Set your mind

Make the decision to prioritise activity in your life! An article published in 2011 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine—found that those who did aerobic exercise five or more days of the week lowered the number of upper respiratory tract infections (like the common cold) over a 12-week period by more than 40%. 5 times per week is a lot, means you’re really have to intergrate it in your life.

#2 – Find a buddy

There’s nothing harder than having the self discipline alone to rely on. Believe me, finding a buddy does the trick. Make a commitment together and set a goal.

#3 – keep it real

In our busy lives we tend not to have a lot of time. Going to the gym for 90 min will take easily 2 hours or more, when you take the preparation, travel and coolng down into account. If you exercise every day for half an hour just outside your doorstep, you’ll tackle this hurdle. Everyone has half an hour per day!

#4 – HIIT, Do it short, do it intense

HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercises alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Interestingly, it is perhaps the most time-efficient way to exercise. In additon , doing so you will keep on burning calories till hours after your training. It efficient in every way

#5 – Make a schedule

The power of exercise lies in it’s repetition. Make it easy for yourself, create your own fixed schedule with a set of work out elements to familiarize with. You don’t want to lose attention or time by thinking what you have to do.  The easier to jump into exercising, the better, kwowing your schedule by heart makes you able to focus on just the exercise and get the most out of it. There’s ton of apps or programs that can help you.