Nasıl gidiyor,

I started out as an aspiring photojournalist, working for many different publications. Thereafter, I wanted a new, inspiring project that I could look at with fresh eyes. This diverted my attention to street photography. People are interesting little creatures and I can watch them for hours!
I like to call what I do “The Art of Witnessing Life”.

Instagram is my stage, it’s where I share my art for all who are interested to see. I have also been lucky enough to have received many awards and taken part in various festivals and exhibitions during my time.

When I don’t do, I teach. Whether it’s lessons through my books or workshops, it’s yet another passion of mine.

I’m a lucky man.

Mustafa’s strengths
Mustafa is able to capture the true soul of a person or situation with his camera, each image striking ones heart. His charisma and authenticity gains people’s trust, allowing him to step into their world and photograph it. Mustafa is one of world’s best known photographers, receiving many national and international photography awards. Today he continues to share daily inspiration with his 1,4 million followers on Instagram.
Skill set:
Striking Photography, Photo Editing, Workshops, Instagram Influencer
Current front door:
Istanbul, Turkey
Happy with:
People that smile and quick spontaneous naps.
Find him online:

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