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Joe Barba


People call me Joe and behind my long bearded face, I hide my eyes, fascinated by intricate details and human relations.

I grew up in a tiny Italian village, hidden between the mountains. Here, my imagination was the only way that I could escape, so I spent my days visualising other worlds and all their possibilities.

All this creative thinking did me the world of good as I graduated at Scuola Holden, a college specializing in Storytelling, Filmmaking and Performing Arts. I’ve been telling stories through my lenses and living this passion ever since, dreaming of changing the world.

Sometimes, I succeed.

Joe’s strengths
Every one of Joe’s films take you on a memorable storytelling adventure that have an effect on the way you see the world. He is also highly regarded as a conceptual thinker and team player, gaining him countless invitations to work with a wide range of renowned brands.

Skill set:
Cinematography, Production, Quick Video Editor and Conceptual Thinker.
Current front door:
Trento, Italy
Happy with:
Little insights that add color to his day and decorating his beard with daisies.
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