We were in Dolomiti Paganella, breathing in the fresh air of the

Italian Dolomites at the feet of the mighty Alps. A bunch of Storytravelers came

together, translating their experiences and emotions into moving pictures.

We have 3 awesome videos
for you!
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Friends forever
“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true
friends will leave footprints in your heart” – This is yet another beautiful
side to travelling, portrayed through the eyes of the talented Matty Brown
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Time To Play Outside
The sun is shining and it’s time to abandon your offices,
break away from your computer screens and play outside – This is
a short, joyful film that reminds you of what life is all about.
It’s sure to makeyou smile, filmed by our one and only Caspar Diederik.
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The Outdoor Feeling
Do you need a reset button? Just get outside, explore the Italian Dolomites,
immerse yourself in its lush forests and live a little. Speed downhill with your bike,
jump off a cliff, fly over the stunning lake Molveno, go rock climbing or just go
for a swim and take it all in. This film is a reminder to live your best life,
by Andro Kajzer and Marc Pirc.
About the project

#FeelPaganella was created to showcase the raw beauty of Paganella through film and inspirational imagery. Paganella had so much to offer that we decided to create three dynamic videos that portrayed it from three different angles: The great outdoors, friendship and family life.

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Editor and Film | Friends Forever
Matty Brown

Editor and Film | The Outdoor Feeling
Andro Kajzer, Mark Pirc

Editor and Film | Time To Play Outside | Producer
Caspar Diederik

Travel Video Protagonist
Enza di Lecce

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